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Mamas Con Ganas Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

If you want to manifest abundance and prosperity with your partner or spouse, this episode is for you. We discuss the foundations for creating a healthy relationship when it comes to the area of finances. Money can be a very triggering subject for couples which is precisely why this pillar of the relationship cannot be...

Jun 14, 2022

On this part 2 of how to attract abundance I talk about some of the money blocks that might be holding you back from financial success. Learn how to remove your money blocks, upgrade your money mindset, and attract the abundance you want into your life.

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May 31, 2022

A spiritual conversation on how to befriend wealth and attract more abundance into your life.  It's all about creating a sacred relationship with money based on respect, trust, friendship and responsibility. Welcome abundance into your life and the miracles that can flow thru you when you align with the energy...

Mar 26, 2021

In this episode we talk about 5 crucial reasons it is essential for women to become financially educated. Some of the statistics will shock you. Learn the WHY you need to get financially organized so that you can get motivated to learn more about money and plan for your financial future. There is no female empowerment...

Mar 5, 2021

Interview with Alexandra Valentin, financial advisor whose mission it is to empower women financially. Alexandra tells us how our money story shapes our beliefs, thoughts and feelings around money. This episode will help you understand your financial behaviors and unravel why you interpret money the way you do. If you...